Property Management

Logo: Square One ManagementProperty Management Philosophy

Square One Management was founded on the idea that if we build a community and create satisfied residents at our apartment properties, we are able to attract and retain the best residents. To build a successful community, a property management company must be proactive and not reactive, anticipating the needs of its residents at all times.


Square One recognizes that many times the only interaction a resident may have with management is through maintenance. Hence, Square one keeps an experienced, courteous maintenance staff on-call 24 hours a day. In addition, resident managers are trained and equipped to handle more minor occurrences.

Resident Interaction

Whereas ordinary apartment landlord/tenant relationships are often tenuous and detached, the student housing business requires considerably more relationship building in the manager/resident dynamic. Often it is the student’s first time living away from home, or sometimes it is the first time the resident is living in this country. The importance of offering a living space that is secure, well-maintained and well-situated is paramount.  However, just as important is offering a management team which understands the extra attention these residents may require. Part of meeting the unique needs of the residents requires having close ties to the UC community as well as the community at large.